Happy 20th Anniversary to Us – Part 1

Running in my neighborhood - a view of the Cumberland River

Running in my neighborhood – a view of the Cumberland River

May 14th is our 20th Wedding Anniversary. We tell people it’s been “20 long, hard years,” then we look at each other and laugh (which kind of freaks them out). Most of the 20 years flew by quickly and without incident, but the last five have been a roller coaster. We’ve made it through major hurdles and are ready to get the party started.

The original celebration plan was to spend the first part of the week in Ft. Lauderdale and the second part in New Orleans. But Richard caught a virus and has an IV line for meds, so we scrapped the Ft. Lauderdale portion and turned it into a “staycation/vacation.”

I’m making the most of the staycation portion of the week.

My lottery dream vacation involves taking all my favorite women relatives and friends to one of those spa resort places where we could spend the mornings hiking or running, followed by yoga workshops, spa treatments, and healthy, delicious meals cooked by someone else and eaten poolside.

Not that I’ve given it much thought…

So, for the staycation portion, I enjoyed a couple of days off work here at home in Nashville. After taking Romeo for long walks, I took myself for runs in the neighborhood. In the afternoons, I went to yoga classes at the Margaret Maddox YMCA. I used White Strips on my teeth and deep conditioned my hair (my spa treatment experience). Between cleaning and doing laundry, I sat out on the deck sipping coconut water. Richard and I also managed to fit in breakfast at the Biscuit House (not healthy, but there aren’t any lines during the week) and shopping for vacation clothes at the Eastland Goodwill. So it’s been a complete east-side staycation experience.

Today, we leave for New Orleans. I’m a little anxious about traveling with Richard’s line and sack of meds. Hopefully, we won’t get held up by some TSA person who is freaked out by a passenger with an IV line and a bag of IV medication. I created a laminated TSA passenger health warning card from something posted on one of the lung transplant Facebook pages, which Richard thinks is ridiculous. I did get him to put it in his wallet, though, so maybe that will help.

I hope that Richard doesn’t end up calling any of the TSA agents “stupid.”

And that I can get a run in.


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