Fall Running

Someone has been slacking on the blog posts for several months now, and that someone is me. After not posting any stories for so long, I checked out my admin statistics and learned that readers out there have actually stopped by A Decade of Running on a fairly regular basis, especially readers in Brazil. I’m not sure what their stories are – whether they’re fascinated by running here in the U.S. or if they’re trying to improve their grasp of the English language by reading American blogs. Whatever the reason, thank you my Brazilian friends!

I actually do have news to report, so here goes:

First off, sadly Nashville Running Tours has ceased operations, so I can no longer called myself a running tour guide. Leading running tours was a rewarding experience that stretched my knowledge of Nashville history, kept me running on a regular basis, and introduced me to some fascinating fellow runners from all over the U.S. (and a few other countries, too).  On what turned out to be my final running tour, I escorted two runners from Australia around East Nashville. They were lively and adventurous, and I can say I closed out that chapter of my life on a positive note.

Next, I’ve been working with a personal trainer for several months, and I’ve already noticed an improvement in my general strength and well-being, plus it’s been a big help with my running.

Finally, I’ve got not one, but two half-marathons coming up: the Murfeesboro Half Marathon next weekend and the Zooma Half Marathon in November.  My 11 and 12 mile training runs were unexpectedly successful and my legs feel stronger than ever.


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