Remember When

I guess it’s human nature not to recognize what you have until you don’t have it anymore.

Like when I was in my 20’s and didn’t appreciate the fact that I could wear a bikini. Back then, it was all about the assets I was lacking. Now that I’m confined to a “mom” (if not a “grandma”) bathing suit, I look back in amazement that my belly was flat, once upon a time.

It’s the same way with my fitness journey. A few summers ago, I would meet my friends Erika and Cynthia on weekend mornings to run the 5.8 mile trail at Percy Warner Park. After that, we’d head to the Maryland Farms YMCA to swim a mile in the beautiful outdoor pool. Sometimes Cynthia (the over-achiever) would have already fit in a bike ride on the Natchez Trace Parkway before meeting us.

Afterwards, laying out in the pool’s lounge chairs like sea lions sunning themselves on the rocks, did we congratulate ourselves on our awesome workout? Just the opposite – we beat ourselves up about how we needed to get in better shape. Like maybe run the 11.2 instead of the 5.8 and swim two miles instead of just one. Sometimes Cynthia would try to get us to throw in some stomach crunches, a concept that didn’t go over so well with Erika and me.

The point is that we didn’t realize how awesome we were and that many women our age were just rolling out of bed when we were wrapping up a tough two hour workout.

You’re awesome, too.

Don’t lose sight of that while you’re beating yourself up about not being fast enough, not running far enough, or not being a “real” runner. Don’t let years of your life pass before you feel good about your current workout.

Appreciate who you are NOW.


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